Specialists in hyacinths
for pot and cut flower cultivation.


Matth. Verdegaal B.V. is a specialist in the preparation of hyacinth bulbs. Due to our years of experience and specialized knowledge in this field we are able to program hyacinths of the best possible quality for delivery worldwide.
Thanks to our excellent relationships with the best hyacinth growers in the Netherlands we can offer a wide range of hyacinths in all colors  and with the desired flowering dates.
We have the most modern treatment facilities in The Netherlands  and as such can program each bulb to your flowering needs. For the earliest harvesting dates we produce hyacinths in the south of France where the climate is milder.
This gives us a big advantage in managing the flowering period as directly following on from production in France we start with the biggest bulbs from the best Dutch growers.
In this way we can meet your requirements and  ensure there is the option of continuous production in your greenhouse.
Through our greenhouse operation with a nurseries in the Netherlands, we have experience in which varieties and suppliers are the best for the requested dates.
This knowledge helps us to continuously monitor our treatment  and gives us the chance to adjust things where necessary. 
At Dutch murseries we use the same hyacinths as the ones  we ship to our customers worldwide.
Because of this we know and understand ourselves what challenges you face as a grower and it gives us a better insight into how to advise you and help you with after sales. In this way we can build a better and more reliable product together.
As well as hyacinths we can also deliver Narcissus „Tête-à-Tête“, to complete your potted bulb program.
For the production of tulips as cut flowers we have also our own professionals in house who know where to buy the best tulips and how to treat your bulbs for both soil and water culture.
We do an in house stadium check for all varieties.