Forcing concepts for pre potted hyacinths

Together with our sales team we can build a forcing program for you that is suitable for the whole season. For the earliest forcing we grow our own hyacinths in France. This area has a milder climate as the main production area in Holland and this helps us to start the program up to 3 weeks earlier as regular. The first France hyacinths are ready to be planted approx. August 16th and ready to go into the greenhouse October 18th.  The latest available hyacinth could be as late as mid-May so we can extend the season for over 7 months.
If you need cultivation advice our sales people can help you directly with adequate knowledge gained over the world with many of our clients. We are very committed to meet the wishes of all our customers ensuring that they get the best possible product for their market at the right time.
Our sales team is also able to help you with any marketing question you might have and advice and develop added value items to extend your business and meet with the demand of your customers.