Prefered selected suppliers:

Matth. Verdegaal B.V. works with a group of selected preferred suppliers.
All growers are known for their outstanding quality and profession.
We have selected a group of growers of the past years that fulfill our needs and understand the quality
Matth. Verdegaal B.V. desires in order to make the promise we make to you come true.
Due to years of experience in buying and selling hyacinths we know were the best stock is available
and with which grower we can make good appointments about planting, fertilizing, harvesting and treatment.
These are the most important ingredients to make our crop a success.
We work together with growers in Bretagne France for the hyacinths used for the very first dates, continueing with the growers
from the flowerbulbs district near Keukenhof and then further north to the "Breezand" region.