Knowledgement - advice and marketing tools

At Matth. Verdegaal B.V. we have our own in-house specialists for quality and advise about forcing and storaging bulbs.
Due to years of experience in this field we are able to provide you with the best possible advice in order to produce top quality flowers and pots.

Building forcing programs that will cover your total season is not easy. Our experts are here to help you to create a workable program so you can achieve the needs of your customers. Our people have knowledge of all different flower bulb types and are familiar with the latest growing and preparation programs. This knowledge mend helps to build the desired program and will make it possible to make in time deliveries to your customers directly from your nursery.
The start of this program is already depending on the harvest date of the bulbs in either France or the South or North of Holland. These different harvesting periods are making it possible to produce pot or cut flowers over many months in optimum quality.